Season Places

Want to camp permanent. Call, mail or come in and see the space, so we can find the place that suits you.

Our permanent pitches are spread throughout the site. There are seats near the playground and there are places where there is more peace and quiet. We have a relaxed atmosphere among our permanent guests, here welcomes all in all.


Extra for seson campers:
Free shower
Free day guests / guest card
20% discount on overnight guests in your cart
Free pool *
Welcome weekdays, weekends, holidays …
Possibility of wintercamp
The caravan can be on the same space for storage during winter.
* When the outdoor pool is open. The cost for indoor pool is 10.- DKK

Tornby Strand Camping is located close to Hirtshals, where there are many events throughout the entire year. The port, the active shopping and opportunities for fishing from the coast or with one of the many boats that sail out to the yellow rev.

Season camping is included. free guest card. All seats can be used throughout the week any day.

TV room or Trampers room, can be reserves for free, if you want to hold a birthday or…  So you have a place to eat and socialize together. I just make sure that there is cleaned up and cleaned after the “party”.

The swimming pool is free for permanent guests when the outdoor pool opens it costs however 10 dkk to get in the indoor pool. Your guests who do not stay overnight in the square, they must pay 25 DKK to using the pool.

The café / banquet rooms can be rented for birthdays, confirmations or other events. Ask us and hear what we can do for you.

We offer the following options for season.



Permanent caravan pitches may be used any day during the period. You get 20% off, on the normal fee, if your guests sleeps in your wagon. The site must be positioned min 50% of the period.