Camper parking in Hirtshals for Kampeer, motorhome, RV

Campervan / Motorhome / Campercar

You are very welcome with camper / motorhome at Tornby Beach Camping. Are you in transit to/from Norway or on your holiday in Northern Jutland, you can safely park here with us. We have facilities for emptying and filling of water and waste tanks.

We have sites with good “base” for your camper. The site is located close to the ferries in Hirtshals. There are only 5 minutes drive to the ferries. There is good access, so you can easily, get in and out of the square. Wide roads and good signage.

Ferries to Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands is only a 5 minute drive from the campsite. Take 3 ‘. exit at the roundabout at the end of the E39 motorway towards Horne and follow signs to Tornby Strand Camping.

The campsite is located at Hirtshals at the end of the E39 motorway which continues at Aalborg as E45 through Europe.


Stellplatz in Hirtshals camperparking

Camper van pitches 

We have various possibilities for RVs, campers, motorhome, camper van

  • Standard pitches 10 x 10 m.
  • Camper parking 6,5 x 10 m.
  • X-Large pitches.
  • Places outsite the gate.
  • The places can be with or without power.

Once inside the gate, you also have access to: Free shower, free toilets, free kitchen, free filling and emptying of water / wastewater, free swimming pool * and other activities at the campsite.

Campervan-RV-Campercar-Camperpark-RV parking-Camperresort-Quickstop-

Camper Parking 6,5 x 10 m with electric power 

18 pitches with power, in our motorhomes area. power connections

Camper Parking  6.5 x 10 m.

18 pitches on our area with stellplatze for campervan, without power connection.

The area is located a bit away from the toilet buildings. Seats are about 6.5×10 meters and there is good ground and road for motorhomes

Once inside the gate, you can use all our facilities and free bath. There is empty space for water and toilet in the RV

Camperparking for big Motorhom with electric

Normal pitch for Motorhomes

25 Large pitch for camper near the facility’s building. With or without power connection. The pitches are approximately 10 x 10 m. and is located close to the big building.

It is recommended to use the large or normal places for longer stays. Then su sure to have plenty of room to relax.

Camperparking in North Denmark Northjutland

Normal pitch, also for Motorhomes

You can also youse our normal camping pitches for campervan. We have 100 places where there is god ground for RV. The places are located arround the campsite.

It is recommended to use the large or normal places for longer stays. Then su sure to have plenty of room to relax.

Motorhome park for xl RV

Extra large

Big pitches for large campers and buses. We have plenty of room for large buses and RVs. Good places with easy access.

Quickstop for campervans outsite the gate for late arrival

Late arival outsite the gate

If you arrive late, and after the reception is closed. Then we have pitches outside the barrier. There are places with and without electrical connection. Check in the next morning

Camperservice, water,

Emptying and filling of water and waste water.

We have environmentally empty facilities for chemical toilet. To empty the waste water, at our empty station. The filling of the fresh water with a water hose. Household waste can be delivered to our dumps. Then do yours, to the environment, is spared and that garbage, does not lie and mess in nature and at rest areas.

On holiday in motorhome in North Jutland. Here you can stay safe and secure at our campsite. We have parking spaces for campervan inside the square and in front of the boom. possibility of power and emptying of waste water and toilet. You can replenish fresh drinking water. When you are on an experience in Vendsyssel in a camper it is possible to spend a few days or a few nights. Perfect accommodation before and after the ferry to Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands. Close to many sights in the top of Denmark. Hirtshals, Hjørring, Lønstrup, Løkken and Skagen are close by. Good facilities and lovely seats with or without electricity. Free use of all facilities after you have entered the square.

Why go on a campsite whit camper places in vacation in the top of Denmark