Open all year round

Camping prices winter 2018/19 in Euro1.10 - 31.3
Child 2-13 year2,78
Child 0-4 year0
Electricity per night / one night5,55
Electric per KWH2 € + 0,48 € per KwH
Estimated prices 2 adults and caravan/camper/tent ex. electricPer Night
1 Night19,40
1 week123
2 weeks232
Worker 4 weeks 1 person electric per kWh 0,47 (Not weekends)210
Cottages price Winter22.10 - 31.3
Familycabin type B / Standardcabin C + toilet inkl op to 4 persons
1 Night91
5 Days333
1 Week417
Electric0,47 per Kwh
Extra person per Night14
Transit room 1 night1.10 - 31.3
2 Persons41 *
4 Persons55*
* only when you order before arrival
Sæson plads camping1.10 - 31.322.10 - 31.3
Incl. 2 persons (Weekends and 14 days holiday)417348
Inkl 2 persons (12 nights in the periode)320250
Ekstra voksen/barnExtra adult/child55/2855/28
Electric per KWH0,48 pr. kw0,48 pr. kwh
A conto electric8383
Terms of Winercamping

The campsite is open during the winter. But if you want to make sure that we are ready to receive. You must contact us before to arrival. Cabins and rooms must be booked and accepted by us, before to arrival.

Shop and information is not open during winter.

It is open to one facility building at the entrance to the square (building 3)

Cleaning of occupancy, minimum 1 time per week

The water at the campsitesite is closed. There can be tapped water from the kitchen or outdoor frost-free faucet in the building 3

Waste from hauseceaping can be put into container besite building 3 (at the entrance) All other waste sites are not allowed.

There may be periods where the light at the areal is not on. So a flashlight headlamp would be a good idea.

Driving on the site is only permitted. There may be periods where it is not permitted to drive up to the square. Then in the park at p space and entrice.
There are parts of the site, which is closed off and not allowed to winter.
Snow removal will take place only to the extent necessary, if it is possible for us.
There is limited number of places for campervans and caravans and we can not guarantee that the pitches and roads are kept clear of snow. There may be periods where parts of the campsite is closed if the pitches are wet and soft.

It is only permitted to use the full-year or winter tents on the caravan.

* It is not allowed to have permanent residence on the campsite.

It is not allowed to have a registered address at the campsite.