The area around the campsite

Experiences in the area

The area around Tornby Strand Camping, offers many opportunities for experiences. Just outside of the square, is the lovely nature of North Jutland, the North Sea and the beach at the end, of the road. There are many options, for entertainment, points of interests, lovely villages, and many events in this part of the top of Denmark. There are only 40 min. drive to Skagen, Fårup Sommerland and Aalborg. We have collected some of the area’s possibilities here:


North Sea Oceanarium

North Sea Oceanarium is always a great experience. Only 6 km from the campsite is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. Here you can experience impressive aquariums and learn about the North Sea. 5 large and more than 40 smaller aquaria, 70 fish species and lots of interactive experiences is what you can experience.

North Sea Oceanarium is not just an aquarium but also an experiential and knowledge center.

Buy discounted tickets at the information desk at the campsite


Fun Park Hirtshals

Do you love animals? ..near bye in walk distance, 1.5 km from the campsite is a paradise for animal lovers. Fun Park is a 33 acres visiting farm, located in versatile North Jutland nature, including forest and dunes. Here you can experience 425 animals of 65 different species of animals and birds under free conditions, as well as lots of play activities, free mini golf, archery, air rifle shooting, yes the park is worth a visit.

The beach

Tornby Beach is at the end of the road. The beach is among the best beaches along the North Sea. Here are lifeguard in the summer. Throw yourself into the waves, and sunbathe on the beach or in the dunes. It is allowed to drive on the beach. There are pedestrian areas.


Børglum Kloster

Visit the place where the Advent calendar on Stygge Krumpen recorded. There are changing exhibitions and it is always exciting to visit the monastery with the church and dungeon.


Role play in Tornby Klitplantage

Yxenskovens secret is a so-called “low magic” fantasy role playing live. The game is set in the small village Yxengaard located in Tornby klitplantage Contact Claus. The city is populated by Norsemen Gajhede, tel. Norsemen comparable to Vikings and Sidianerne leans towards the Christian crusaders. That is, the game takes place in a time that is confusingly similar to the transition period between asetro …


Hirtshals Lighthouse

There are exhibitions in the lighthouse. You can get up into the lighthouse and experience the unique view from the top. When Up at the top, you are 62 meters above sea level, where you have a magnificent view of the sea, coast and country.
The lighthouse is still in operation and is, today, an impressive edifice.
It is possible to use the “lunch room” on the lighthouse to get temporary shelter if the weather teases. It is open in the daylight hours.

Opening times on


Bunker Museum 10. battery

Denmark’s only remaining bunker from the 2nd World War, which is open to the public.
The area since 1994 has been exposed, among other things 3.5 km of trenches linking 70 locations, for example. personnel bunkers, gun positions, ammunition bunkers and an exhibition in an officer’s bunker.


Tornby Gl. Købmandsgård

Tornby old Købmandsgaard is an independent institution as a collaboration between 10 Tornby associations and about 70 volunteers. The farm – a 200 year old shot Trades farm near Tornby Beach is being renovated and furnished to visit place for local residents and travelers.


Tornby Klitplantage

Tornby Plantation (548 ha) is a high-altitude, wind exposed west coast plantation 4 km south of Hirtshals. Storey border the sea follows a 15-25 m high, former sea cliff, which is pierced by numerous deep cuttings river valleys. Below the cliff is on raised Stone Age sea bottom, in a 300 m wide belt is covered with lush green dunes with a front of white sea dunes.


Rubjerg Knude Lighttower … Visit it NOW, before it’s too late.

It is worth a visit every time you visit Jutland to see Rubjerg Knude Lighttower. The lighthouse stands on the egde to the North Sea and dunes that rise up behind the lighthouse. The nature change to the coast, every year and there is not many years back before it falls into the sea. There are max. 3 – 10 years back. Next time you are in the area, it may be too late. Camping holidays at the west coast is rich in natural beauty.

NEW …. In 2016, you have the opportunity to come up in the lighthouse. There is made a major renovation of the lighthouse top and a new staircase so you can look out over the magnificent North Jutland nature. Do it before it’s too late.


Odden Manor

The manor is known from records already around 1370, and the plant was presumably its current form with two great houses of stone in the mid-1400s. They were protected by a moat on three sides and a lake to the north, hence the name Odden.



Experience the Kings of the sky. You may be fascinated, the beautiful and proud Majesties Eagle at the Eagelworld. The big eagles show. fascinating hunting techniques are presented to the audience …


Fårup sommerland

There are only 45 km to Fårup Summerland. Deep in the woods is Denmark’s largest amusement park. When the input has been paid most rides free.

You can buy the ticket at the information desk at Tornby beach camping.


Hirtshals museum

Vendsyssel Historical Museum’s department in Hirtshals is decorated in a fisherman’s home built in 1880. The farmhouse, reconstructed as interior 1915, shows how a fishing family lived at the time.


Kirker og Klostre



Ferry town Hirtshals offers many cultural and tourist events. There are fish festival, music under the stairs and many art exhibitions.
There is good shopping pocibilitys and many shops are open every day of the year.


J.F. Willumsen collection

At Manor Odden remember the a large exhibition of sketches, drawings and paintings by the artist J. F. Willumsen, who was a student at the Art Academy and attended the Free School of Painters, where he was shown in, inter alia, Skagen painter P.S. Krøyer, Zahrtmann and Tuxen ….


Uggerby Å and Canoe Rental

There are canoe voyages from Uggerby and Sindal if you want to experience the river from the water. In Uggerby Å, you can also fish. There should be local license for this can be purchased at the tourist office in Hirtshals


Tornby Bjerg

Tornby mountain is one of the largest hills. “The mountain” starts immediately east of the railway at Old Road and rises to the east. Near the top is 480 meters by 30 heightmeters and a avg. Increase of 6.3% (Base: 32 m.o.h. Top: 83 m.o.h.)
Bjergvej, 9850 Hirtshals


Asdal sacred spring

In the dune plantation not far from Hirtshals, you will find one of the many sacred springs. It is located immediately south of the  forest road, where Kjul river crosses the road. It is located about 4 meters above the river level.

Hellehøj ved Hirtshals -- På gravhøj med bedste udsigt i Vendsyssel -- 2 postamenter -- Kote 88 m -- År GI 1930 -- Nr 274 -- 1.Orden med forbindelse til Norge -- Kort 2 D4 -- UTM N: 6377323 E: 562198


Hellehøj (89 meters o. Sea) is a Bronze Age burial mound. The approximately 3500 years old and is built on a moraine hill from the Ice Age.


Hellekisten i Horne

In 1939, encountered a stone-built tomb at Horne Cemetery, called a rock coffin.
Belonging simple burial time from the Neolithic period 2800-2400 f. Kr.


Tornby Dyssen

Stone Dyssen is from the Neolithic age. The approximately 4000 years old. Soil mound of dolmen is excavated and the remains are the four support stones with a large covering stone. The dolmen is located at Tornby Gl. Købmandsgård.


King Stone at Tornby mountain

It was found during field work in 1992 on a field sloping down from the mountain. It measures 2.6 x 1.65 x 1.4 m and weighs probably about 20 tons. According to old information would previously have been a stone at Tornby Mountain with the same goals. This was called Kong stone.


Asdal fortifications

Asdal Lynette (1300) unites the place with its own mystique. Asdal Lynette has arisen because one has dug through a foreland, Asbjerg that stretched out in the valley. At the bottom of the valley runs Kjul Å. There are 3 dams, which can still be seen. Asdal Lynette unites instead with its own mystique. With its ramparts and moats



West Coast route / North sea trail, passes Tornby Camping. Route stretches from Tønder to Skagen. There is a fine day trip to Blokhus about 50 km. Tornby to Skagen is 55 km away.
Cycling route goes through a particularly lovely coastal landscape in Tornby Klitplantage in a landscape characterized by large migrating dunes interrupted by plains and with a distinctive and vigorous plant growth.



Stygge Krumpen

Børglum convent and Stygge Krumpen belong together in the Nordjyske Hirsorie. Only 20 minutes from the campsite is the cloister where the Advent calendar on Stygge Krumpen recorded. Go on an adventure in the many exhibitions that are on the monastery and the special exhibition on the Advent calendar.



Only 40 min. drive to Skagen. Visit the northern point of Denmark. where the to oceans meet. The farmus painters. Ankers Museum and the other Skagen painters, Grenen, Sandormen, Skagen harbor, Skagen Festival.


Mårup Kirke

Mårup church is located on the slope to the North Sea’s forces. The church is removed and today only a bit of base and some of the cemetery back. Visit the site and see how the sea takes piece by piece of the country.


The church buried in sand

Just before you reach The case is the Buried Church. There is only the tower remains of the church see how the drifting sand covers the country.



Vendsyssels major trading center. Lots of shopping, Mall metropolis, cozy pedestrian street, many restaurants, History museum, art museum and other cultural experiences and events.


Golf Resorts

There are never far from a new golf facility in Northern Jutland. Golf Resorts in the unique Nordjyske nature. See golf courses in Northern Jutland:


In Hirtshals you can find most of the specialty stores and supermarkets, Netto, Fakta, SuperBrugsen, Aldi, Rema 1000, Kiwi, Eurospar. and the big butcher shop Winther. There is a nice pedestrian street and many restaurants. Do you want to major city is only 12 km to Hjørring and 40 minutes ten Aalborg.
At the campsite we have a small shop with bread and you are just missing.



Go on a treasure hunt in the North Jutland countryside and villages. When you take on geocatching experience always new places and exciting new places and knowledge.