Some history and information about Tornby Strand Camping?

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Who is behind Tornby Strand Camping

Tornby Strand Camping was founded in 1964 by the family Kihl, who owned it for many years. Then the family Svendsen managing the campsite in a short period and sold it to Hakon and Anni Nielsen from Aarhus, which had space for many years. In 2002-2011 the campground was owned and operated by Pernille and Poul Erik Kjær from Zealand. After one year (2010) with the a rented maneger they chose to the sell it to the current owners in 2011.

The owners of Tornby Strand Camping is now Tove Richard Jensen and Morten Møller Jensen who since 2011 has operated and developed campsite.


Norwegian, born in Halden, Norway. Moved to Denmark in 1990 and educator and has been employed in the nursery and home for young people.

1991-2000 Fritidscentre Sindal

2000-2003 Orphanage in Sindal

2003-2004 Acute orphanage in Hjørring

2004-2010 Ryttergården residence Hjallerup

2011 – Tornby Strand Camping

2012 – Deputy Chairman of DK-camps Board, in the circle 1

2012 – Developer and creator of Campsites in North Jutland fair cooperation Lillestrom Norway.

2013-2015 Chairman Frederikshavn ice hockey fan club

2014 – Member of Tornby Tourist Association Board

2011 – the campsites horses feeding lady and dog walker

Bakery – reception – shop – cleaning – horses – activities for children and adults – pay the bills – walk the dog – talk a lot


Is Northern Jute and raised in Hjørring. Trained as a hardware store manager in particular Bygma in Hjørring, Sindal and Bindslev.

1984-1988 Hjørring ny Tømmerhandel

1988-1998 Trælasten Sindal

1998-2001 Teka Tegl Hjørring

2001-2008 Bygma Sindal

2008-2011 Bygma Bindslev

2011 – Tornby Strand camping

2012 – Member of DK-camps supplier committee.

2015 – Member motorhome committee in DK-camp.

2012 – Co-founder of Blue Camp group Marketing of Danish coastal campgrounds

2015 – Developer of Camping in North Jutland fair partnership for Germany

Shop-Reception-cleaning-homepage-Buildings-poolceeper-repair and new construction-lawn mowing


Sandy er en stor Riesenschnauzer hun og pladsens vagthund. Sandy er fra kennel Klanen i Randers (Klanens i got you) er fra 2011. Mor: Klanens …. og far Z Tartaku´s….. Sandy elsker gulerødder og at lege med ponyerne. Sandy er glad også for børn.


Students and with our cleaning team summer 2015 & 2016


Area Staff doing everything in buildings, garden maintainer areas. We are pleased that Roland is with us again in the 2016th


Area Staff since 2010. Standby if we just need help.


Shop, groom, Trampers helper


Cleaning summer

Anna Mette

Area lady and our garden woman with green fingers.


Young helps our store during the summer holidays and weekends in June and August sought


Cleaning summer 2015 here comes a new “Krisztinas friend!” 2016


Young assistant to our store sought