For the Kids

Activities and experiences for children and childish adults

For the little ones: The campsite offers many opportunities for extracurricular activities. Family holiday for children family, grandparents with grandchildren. There is always room for the kids. The elephant Tramper (our lovely soft mascot) share hugs out and have fun with children and adults.

Meet the elephant Trampe

Tramper is the campsite mascot. All the kids loves Tramper. He is a nice and soft elephant, having fun with the kids at the campsite. Trampes Hule is our activity room, where there is opportunity to enjoy themselves regardless of the weather.

When there are activities before the children it is in Trampes Hule. You can meet Trampe in holidays and some weekends and autumn and the summer holidays. Trample dislike rain.

The playground

Our large playground has two bouncy castles, playhouse, Rockings, children’s swings, nest swings and 2 great games racks one for younger and one for older children.

There are lots of sandbox and playground has tables and benches for children and adults.
The playground is located centrally in the campsite.

Indoor swimming pool

Our indoor swimming pool is heated to around 25 – 28 degrees. Here is a children’s pool for the youngest and whirlpool, to the larger. There is only access for children if they are accompanied by an adult. This is for security purposes, for the kids.

Pool is free for those staying at the campsite. But when the outdoor pool opens, paid 10 DKK for the indoor pool. Then the outdoor pool is free.

Entre DKK 35 – if you are not staying at the campsite
Open from 1 April to 1 October (closed Wednesday and autumn)

Swimming Pool outdoor

Lovely outdoor swimming pool, which is heated with solar heating systems. There are sections for the little ones, with depth for 0-50 cm. There is a slide and plenty of sunbeds. The pool is open from mid-June to mid-August, depending on weather.

Children are not allowed to use the pool without an adult.

Entrance: 35, – for guests and if you do not live in the campsite.
Entrance: Free if you live in the campsite.


Trampe er alle børnenes ven. Trampe er campingpladsens maskot. Han leger sammen med børnene på Tornby Strand Camping.

Trampe er en dejlig blød elefant. Han har sit eget legehus: Trampes hule. Trampe er god til at drille.

Stampe hollow

Trampes hule is, our activity room. Here you can play table tennis, or air hockey. There are tables and chairs where you can sit and draw. In Trampes Hule there is a playcarsel for the children.

This is where we keep many of our indoor activities.

The horses

We have 2 small ponies that go into a fold at the football field. It is not allowed to feed the ponies. It’s a cute idea to give the ponies an apple or carrot, but if there are 50 who will make it a day, then ponies become sick. You may like to help when we feed the animals.

Bette: He is an 8 year old Shetland Pony. He has blue eyes and is brown, white, betting is sweet.

Tøsen: Is a white Shetland pony in 10 years. She is a real lady and would like to decide for Bette.

The football field

We have plenty of space and some of the area inside the campsite is football pitch. There is a playing field, volleyball net and badminton net.
On the playing field, there are benches to relax on.


At the entrance to the campground is our minigolf. You are welcome to use the track even if you do not live on the campsite.
Clubs and balls are available in the campsite shop. Pr. Person dkk 20 –

The forest

Tornby Klitplantage is located right next to the campsite. Here you can experience the lovely countryside, lakes, streams and may see some of the wildlife and life in the forest. Take your mom and dad and you can collect pine cones and other things from the forest. There are marked bicycle routes and hiking trails. Moutainbike roads in Tornby Klitplantage

The beach

Tornby Beach is among the best of West Coast beaches. Summer or other times of the year it’s always nice to take a walk on the beach. There are the blue bathing flag and in summer months there are lifeguards on the beach.


Table tennis table in Trampers hule. Do not have a bat and balls, you can borrow bats and balls in the information.

All the children

The advantage of camping with kids is that kids always has someone to play with. There are always other kids on the playground or in the swimming pool. Then you can just enjoy the children play while you relax in good company with the other parents and campers.


We have activities for children at the campsite. Check in on our facebook, or postings on the campsite. We have, for example. Softball Tournament, Football Tournament, Activities in Trampers Hule. Trampe walks around on the square. Bonfire with twist bread or pancakes ..

Fun Park Hirtshals

Like animals …. then a visit to the Fun Park is a hit. The park is located 1.5 km from the campsite and there are plenty of activities and animals.
You can buy discounted tickets at the reception.

North Sea Oceanarium

Only 6 km from the campsite is the North Sea Oceanarium. Here you can experience the sunfish in Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. It is always impressive and a learning experience, to visit the aquarium. Tickets with discount and ekspeditionpas can be purchased at the campsite reception.

The campsite shop

In the shop you can buy candy, ice cream, soft drinks, slush ice, chips, bread and other good things for kids and adults.

Camp fire

At the bonfire, there are activities with twist bread, pancakes and other activities around the fire.


Our playroom is located in trampers hule.


You can free youse to our giant ludo. Great game for the whole family.